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How On Call ECT can help you

  • We help child care providers meet the regulatory requirements for Early Childhood Teachers by providing freelance Early Childhood Teachers to communicate with your service and provide site specific Education review.
  • The consultation period will cover the required 20% or 40% of operational time for the early childhood service (as per regulations)
  • Programming and practices will be reviewed.
  • We work directly on your platform (ie Storypark, Earlyworks, Xplor etc) and read each learning story, observation, child note etc, and edit (spelling, grammar etc) where needed. We add an analysis if required. Learning outcomes will be added where necessary and suggestions for further programming extensions and learning opportunities will be provided.
  • We assist you to complete your planning cycle, and if you are not currently using a planning cycle, we will set you up with one.
  • We let you know when a part of the planning cycle has not been completed, and needs attention.
  • We prompt you with critical reflection questions that are appropriate.
  • Links to the NQF, EYLF and previous experiences will be added to your planning cycle.
  • We can work on line on your platform, or via email if you are using paper based documentation.
  • ‘On Call’ phone consultations provided if required by the service.

On Call ECT services can be provided Nationally.

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Phone: 0490 369 316

Email: On Call ECT

Working Hours: We know you are busy so give us a call out of hours if needed – we are here to help.

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